Get the List of All AWS EC2 Instances With All Their Private and Public IPs

You want to retrieve a list of all your AWS EC2 instances, complete with all their private and public IPs. You want to do this across your whole AWS organization, thereby targeting all the AWS accounts and all the regions enabled for each. And you’d also want to use C# for the job.

This post will detail how to do this, starting from explaining the base concepts and going all the way to building the code. The output – alongside basic console text – will consist of a .json file containing the following attributes for each EC2 instance:

  • Instance id
  • Instance type
  • All private IP addresses
  • All public IP addresses
  • Parent AWS account name
  • Parent AWS account id

If you’d like to skip directly to the C# code for retrieving private and public IP addresses for all EC2 instances using IAM users, go here. For the C# code that uses SSO users, go here.

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